Tom Cruise in Mission Improbable Movie: Everything to Know

Tom Cruise has been nominated for 3 Academy Awards.

Tom Cruise parents are of English, Irish and German descent.

Tom Cruise portrayal in Magnolia in 1999 was well received.

Tom Cruise spends most of his time in Florida and South of England.

Tom Cruise was praised by drama organiser Val Wright for his performance in primary school.

Tom Cruise openly supports the beliefs of Scientology Church.

Tom Cruise gained wide recognition with Risky Business in 1983 and Top Gun in 1986.

Tom Cruise went to Henry Munro Middle School, Ottawa in 6th grade.

Tom Cruise was in relationship with Cher, Rebecca De Mornay, Meissa Gilbert and Patti Sciafia.

Tom Cruise was born to Thomas Mapother, an electrical engineer and Mary Lee.

Things to Know about Tom Cruise in Mission Improbable

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