Odette Annable in Transformers Movie: Everything to Know

Odette also starred in the films The Lost City of Z and The Neon Demon.

She later studied at the University of California Berkeley.

So far there is no clear indication as to what may have happened to the actress.

She has appeared in films such as The Fault in Our Stars 50/50 and Pitch Perfect 2.

Odette has also appeared in several television series most notably Narcos Marvel Agents of S.

So whether you are looking to catch up on her previous work or learn more about her current project read on!

Odette latest project is a new album that she is releasing this year.

Odette Annable was born on September 6 1988 in Los Angeles California.

Odette Annable is an Emmy nominated actress who has appeared in such television programs as House M.

In 2007 Odette Annable starred in the film The Crush.

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