Odette Annable in The Truth About Lies Movie: Everything to Know

She has also appeared in movies such as The Business of Being Born and Green Lantern.

Odette also starred in the films The Lost City of Z and The Neon Demon.

Golden Globe nomination 2016 for performance in the play The Heiress

Odette Annable is an Emmy nominated actress who has appeared in such television programs as House M.

She has appeared in various films and TV shows most notably her role as Remy on the television series Narcos.

She has starred in several television series including Buffy the Vampire Slayer Angel and Nurse Jackie.

Odette Annable film debut was in the film Lifestyle in which she played the role of Mia.

Her debut film Logan Lucky is set to release on August 18th.

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Odette Annable in Operation Endgame Movie: Everything to know