Odette Annable in And Soon The Darkness Movie: Everything to Know

Odette Annable is an actress singer and model who has had a successful career in Hollywood.

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series 2018 Emmy nomination

Odette Annable is a versatile actress and model who has had a successful career.

In 1995 Odette Annable starred in the film The Business of Being Born.

The investigation into Odette Annable death continues.

In 2002 Odette Annable starred in the television series Nurse Jackie.

There no release date yet but we can expect lots of news about it in the coming months.

Odette Annable the new actress in Hollywood has had a long and varied career in both film and television.

So whether you are looking to catch up on her previous work or learn more about her current project read on!

Annable was born in New York City where she attended the Dalton School.

Things to Know about Odette Annable in Operation Endgame

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