Mila Kunis in Hell And Back Movie: Everything to Know

Kunis is currently married to Ashton Kutcher and they have one child.

Her first major role came in the 2004 comedy drama film A Mighty Wind.

Kunis will play a woman who is trying to overcome her eating disorder.

She also starred in documentary films such as About Alex 2012 and A Kid Like Jake 2015.

Kunis has since starred in The Bad Teacher and Oz the Great and Powerful.

Kunis was born in Tel Aviv Israel to parents of Russian and Polish descent.

Kunis then transitioned to film making writing and producing her own projects.

In this article we will be discussing some of the things you need to know about Mila Kunis.

In 2003 Kunis co starred with Ashton Kutcher in the comedy One Last Time.

She has also appeared in TV series such as That 70s Show and Cougar Town.

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