Mary J Blige in Rock Of Ages Movie: Everything to Know

When she was three years old her parents divorced and she went to live with her grandparents

And in Django Unchained she plays a slave who is freed by Leonardo DiCaprio character

Since then she has released thirteen more albums and has won nine Grammy Awards

And in The Help she played a maid who stands up for herself and others against racism and bigotry

Mary J Blige is an American singer songwriter and actress

She has also said that she wants to make music that will inspire and empower her fans

In 1992 she released her debut album What the 411? which sold more than three million copies

In 1992 she released her first album What the 411?

She has starred in many movies throughout her career

Blige began her singing career as a backing vocalist for Uptown Records

Things to Know about Mary J Blige in Scent Of A Woman

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