Marisa Tomei in The First Purge Movie: Everything to Know

Marisa Tomei is retiring from acting after 25 years in the business.

Since then she has appeared in numerous films including Mighty Aphrodite 1995 What Women Want 2000 and Wild

She has since starred in many popular films including The Deer Hunter The Godfather Part II and Inception.

Marisa Tomei is an excellent actor and producer who has appeared in many acclaimed films over the years.

In 1992 she made her acting debut in My Cousin Vinny

She went on to star in such films as The Godfather Part II Annie Hall and The Deer Hunter.

Her parents were both actors and her father was also the director of a Shakespeare festival.

Marisa Tomei was born in Manhattan on April 17 1961

Things to Know about Marisa Tomei in The First Purge

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