Marisa Tomei in Cabin Fever Beneath The Skin Movie: Everything to Know

She went on to appear in other successful films including the Academy Award Winning film The Sixth Sense .

She has appeared in films such as My Cousin Nikita The Paper Chase Apt Pupil and Broadway The Little Foxes.

The couple plans to continue their relationship privately.

Marisa Tomei was born on December 13th 1951 in Brooklyn New York.

In she made her acting debut in My Cousin Vinny.

In 1995 she starred in the comedy drama Unfaithful.

She made her debut as Helen Sinclair in the Broadway play The Little Foxes.

She has since starred in many popular films including The Deer Hunter The Godfather Part II and Inception.

Things to Know about Marisa Tomei in Cabin Fever Beneath The Skin

Marisa Tomei in Live In Front Of A Studio Audience "All In The Family" And "Good Times" Movie: Everything to know