Maggie Smith in Talking Heads Movie: Everything to Know

Smith continues to make sporadic appearances on television and in feature films.

The Ladykillers follows the story of a group of criminals who plan to kill one of their own.

Maggie Smith is set to direct a new movie about British monarch Elizabeth II.

However Nash is not content with his life and begins to spiral out of control.

Bean Holiday 1983 The Grinch 2000 and Hitchhiker Guide to the Galaxy 2005.

While no release date has been announced Smith is expected to begin filming in early 2019.

Smith was born Margaret Josephine Smith on December 17 1930 in London England.

She made her screen debut in the 1981 movie Local Hero.

She began her stage career in 1953 with a small part in a production of The Innocents.

She first appeared on British television in in the show The Public Eye which starred Donald Pleasence.

Things to Know about Maggie Smith in Talking Heads

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