Maggie Smith in Downton Abbey A Moorland Holiday Movie: Everything to Know

In 1971 she starred as Violet Crawley in the ITV series Downton Abbey.

Plus she set to star in an upcoming BBC miniseries about Winston Churchill.

Maggie Smith is set to direct a new movie about British monarch Elizabeth II.

The Ladykillers follows the story of a group of criminals who plan to kill one of their own.

She was also knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 2001.

She is the daughter of Scottish actor Oliphant and actress Eileen Oliphant.

Maggie Smith was born Margaret Oliphant on December 13 1930 in York England.

Gromit The Curse of the Were Rabbit The Witches The Merchant of Venice and Henry IV.

Maggie Smith is currently working on a new play and a new movie.

The 79 year old has just announced her newest project a new play that will be produced in London this year.

Things to Know about Maggie Smith in Downton Abbey A Moorland Holiday

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