Jamie Lee Curtis in The Return Of Spinal Tap Movie: Everything to Know

Jamie Lee was born on October 20 1958 in Queens New York.

Jamie Lee Curtis Announces Her First Stand Up Special in Years

Jamie Lee Curtis has joined the cast of American Horror Story for its upcoming fourth season.

But I felt like I had to because so many people are suffering in silence.

Jamie Lee Curtis Opens Up About Her Battle With Depression

Curtis will play the role of witchy character Misty Day.

Jamie Lee Curtis has been married to actor Daniel Moder since 1978.

Jamie Lee Curtis was raised in a religious household and still practices Christianity.

She is also well known for her roles in the Die Hard series and its sequels.

The 58 year old actress and singer will perform at the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles on March 10.

Things to Know about Jamie Lee Curtis in Senior Entourage

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