Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween Kills Movie: Everything to Know

Born in 1950 actress Jamie Lee Curtis began her career as a child actor in the late 1960s.

Curtis said that the support of her loved ones was crucial as well.

She is the daughter of actor Tony Curtis and actress Janet Leigh.

Jamie Lee Curtis is also well known for her work as a fashion designer and her involvement in philanthropy.

She has starred in many movies including Halloween A Fish Called Wanda and The People vs.

The 58 year old actress and singer will perform at the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles on March 10.

She credits him for helping her learn how to manage her emotions and stay on track with her career.

However it turned out to be one of her biggest successes on home video.

Curtis won an Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in the film.

She has released two albums Diary of a Mad Diva and Under The Gun.

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