Gal Gadot in Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice Movie: Everything to Know

She was born in Rishon LeZion Israel on October 30 1985.

That same year she starred as Esther Ratner in the sports drama Runners.

She appeared as Wonder Woman in the 2017 film Justice League which was a box office success.

Wonder Woman has shattered box office records making her the highest grossing female superhero of all time.

Gal Gadot will appear in the new Justice League film

Whether you are a fan of Gal Gadot or you are just curious

In 2010 Gal Gadot started her career in theater and modeled.

Gal Gadot was born on April 30 1988 in Rishon LeZion Israel.

Here are some things to know about Gal Gadot views on the Israel Palestine conflict.

After winning the Miss Universe title Gadot began to build her acting career.

Things to Know about Gal Gadot in Keeping Up With The Joneses

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