Elizabeth Gillies Red Carpet Premiere

Elizabeth Gillies has released her latest music video for her single Goodbye.

Here are five things you should know about Elizabeth Gillies!

She has starred in a number of movies that you may not have heard of but are worth checking out.

Gillies was born in Melbourne to a Scottish father and an Australian mother.

While there she rekindles relationships with her family and begins to explore some new relationships.

She also talked about the new season of The Crown and what to expect.

She will release a new album in the spring and tour in support of it.

Elizabeth Gillies has also revealed that she working on a new TV series which will air in 2020.

She has also appeared in a number of television programmes including All Saints and Neighbours.

Elizabeth Gillies is working on her latest project.

Elizabeth Gillies Birthday Everything to Know

Elizabeth Gillies Birthday