Cara Delevingne in Tell It Like A Woman Movie: Everything to Know

Delevingne reprised her role in the sequels Suicide Squad 2018 and Suicide Squad II 2020.

We are so happy and excited to be married the newlyweds said in a statement after the ceremony.

Delevingne 22 wore a white gown with golden details while her new husband donned a black tuxedo.

She has a reputation for being a style icon and for her work in film and television.

The post was quickly liked more than 260000 times.

Since then she continued to make a name for herself as an outspoken advocate for diversity and women rights.

Delevingne is currently dating musician Stereo Hoax and is expecting her first child with him.

Her father is of Moroccan descent and her mother is of Irish and French descent.

Another key aspect of Delevingne look is her bright lipstick color.

Delevingne also stars in films such as Paper Towns and The Cut.

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