Brittany Murphy in Summer Catch

This action movie stars some of the biggest names in Hollywood and it is sure to be a box office hit

She began her career as a child actress appearing in films such as Clueless and Eight Mile

The latest news about Brittany Murphy is that her family has decided to set up a foundation in her memory

Murphy career took off in the early 2000s when she appeared in a string of successful films including 8 Mile Girl Interrupted and Don\'t Say a Word

He added that the foundation will also work to raise awareness about mental health and addiction issues

This is a comedy about a woman who tries to find out her boyfriend secrets by snooping through his little black book

She will be playing the part of Daphne Blake the lovely and courageous member of the Mystery Inc

Brittany Murphy was an American actress who starred in films like Clueless 8 Mile and Sin City

Brittany Murphy was a beloved actress whose career spanned many years and many different genres of movies

Brittany began her acting career at a young age appearing in commercials and television movies

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