Astrid Berges Frisbey in The Driver Movie: Everything to Know

Astrid Berges Frisbey also known as Astrid Bergman is a Danish actress.

In 2006 she appeared in the romantic comedy drama The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo as Lisbeth Salander.

Recently she has been focusing on her acting career but what does the future hold for Astrid?

There a lot of news in the world these days and it can be hard to keep up with everything.

Astrid Berges Frisbey net worth is currently unknown.

Her funeral will be held at the Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery on Saturday August 4th.

What are some of Astrid Berges Frisbey musical influences?

She is the daughter of Carin nee Frisbey a psychotherapist and Klaus Berges a tax lawyer.

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