Amanda Seyfried in The Last Word Movie: Everything to Know

She played a supporting role in the independent drama

Seyfried started her acting career at the age of six in a commercial for Ford

Amanda Seyfried was born on February 12 in Los Angeles California

Seyfried was born on February 7th in Los Angeles California to actors Leslie Seyfried and Jerry Seinfeld.

She started her career as a child actor in the early 1990s appearing in several television shows and films.

In 2001 Seyfried made her feature film debut in the .

She has also released several singles including But

The latest news about Amanda Seyfried is that she is working on a new film.

She is the daughter of Judith nee Koteas and Peter Seyfried.

In 2018 she was cast in the lead role of a new Showtime series titled Big Little Lies.

Things to Know about Amanda Seyfried in Anon

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