“Up” is a wonderful film with characters who are believable no matter how they spend their time. They have tempers, problems and obsessions.

Up Wonderful movie by Pete Docter in 2009
Up Wonderful movie by Pete Docter in 2009

Their characters are sweet but not overly cutesy, like other animated characters. They’re human in the way they seem so natural, just like Hayao Miyazaki.

Up is a story about the three central characters. Two of the central characters are old men and the third character is nervous as a kid.

Pete Docter, who directed “Monsters, Inc.”, WALL-E, and was also a co-writer on “Toy Story” left Pixar to direct this latest masterwork. Pixar is leading the charge in the modern animation movement.

Although the movie will be shown in 3-D some theatres, I will say nothing about its quality because of how much extra it costs to see in 3-D. One possible negative effect of 3-D is that it can blur out the subtle and beautiful colours of a film.


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“Up” uses many colours in a way that’s appropriate to the content of the movie. This includes images with bright and bold colours, as well as deep shades of black and white, which help to convey emotions.

Children’s movies were more realistic to me as a child because they were brighter, more colorful and simpler compared to adult movies. “Up” tells a story as beautiful and magical as I remember them when I was a child.

The film begins with a sweet and cozy romance between two kids named Carl and Ellie. The duo shares a dream of someday exploring the world together.

In a newsreel, scientists learn about Charles Muntz from decades ago, who travelled around the world in his airship collecting bones, which his father showed him.


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Seeing his work being accused of being faked caused the protagonist to fly off and angrily proclaim he would bring back living creatures to prove his claims.

Ellie and Carl (Edward Asner) grow up, get married and buy a home. They are happy together and grow old until a tragedy strikes.

In addition to the silence, this scene offers insight into the memories of Ellie, examining what made her who she is. It’s a beautifully filmed sequence without any dialogue.

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Up Wonderful movie by Pete Docter in 2009

They fully intended on going to Paradise Falls, but their real life got in the way–flat tires, home repairs, medical bills. They then make a heartbreaking discovery. This interlude is pleasant and touching.

After nearly becoming a bullied victim, Carl shuts himself off from everything, anchoring memories to his home’s walls and talking to the memory of Ellie. One day, he packs up and flies away — literally.

His profession as a balloon man began with different kinds of balloons and setting up structures using these materials, but he has this life-long dream of capturing the view from Paradise Falls.

What he didn’t expect was an inadvertent stowaway, Russell (Jordan Nagai), a dutiful Wilderness Explorer Scout, who looks Asian American.


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What is found on Paradise Falls and what happens there I cannot disclose. But I can describe the colossal airship of Charles Muntz that hovers over it.

The interior design of the ship is lauded for its subtle simplicity. The exterior didn’t appear extraordinary, but the interior is devoid of expensive ornamentation but retains a sense of grandeur that could only be in a movie set like Miyazaki’s “Castle in the Sky.”

With almost the entire inside of his airship full of open space, Muntz’s zeppelin is outfitted like a huge ocean liner in the golden age with a dining room, long corridors and even an attic that would be enough to hold fighter planes. Muntz keeps himself hale and hearty despite living alone with robotic dogs for 100 years.


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The adventures on the jungle plateau are satisfying in a Mummy/Tomb Raider/Indiana Jones sort of way. But they aren’t the whole point. This isn’t a movie like “Monsters vs. Aliens,” which is mostly just frenetic action.

That’s the tension of It’s a Wonderful Life: a normal life with an unclear destiny. It has an intense character study, a grandiose lead up and a sweet ending.

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