Latest Things to Know about Salma Hayek in Traffic

Top 10 Popular Movies of Salma Hayek are Grown Ups, Desperado, The Hitman Bodyguard, It A Whole New West The Making Of Wild Wild West, Without Blood, Puss In Boots, I Saved My Belly Dancer, Forever Hollywood, Frida, and Bliss.

Top 10 Salma Hayek Movies

  1. Savages
  2. Celia Cruz !Azucar
  3. Mi Vida Loca
  4. Septembers Of Shiraz
  5. After The Sunset
  6. Roadracers
  7. The Hunchback
  8. Chain Of Fools
  9. Tale Of Tales
  10. Four Rooms

Top 10 Things to Know about Salma Hayek in Traffic

1. Salma Hayek is a cultivated entertainer and model with a lot of involvement to share.

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2. Salma Hayek followed up this accomplishment with jobs in The Ugly American, and The Lady Eve.

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3. Salma Hayek is a vegetarian and basic entitlements extremist.

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4. Salma Hayek gets back to her regular brunette tone and begins to dress all the more moderately.

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5. Salma Hayek likewise begins wearing cosmetics and shorter hairstyles.

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6. Salma Hayek is an Oscar-designated Mexican entertainer and maker.

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7. Salma Hayek also refers to her love of reading as a hobby, and her favorite author Louis L Amour.

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8. Salma Hayek likewise begins to color her hair blonde.

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9. Salma Hayek started her vocation as a design model and afterward continued on toward acting.

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10. Salma Hayek is known for her hot roles in motion pictures like Desperado.

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All Others Salma Hayek Movies

  1. Magic Mike Last Dance
  2. The Women Of Snl
  3. Ask The Dust
  4. Hotel
  5. Puss In Boots The Last Wish
  6. Fled
  7. Cirque Du Freak The Vampire Assistant
  8. Living It Up
  9. Hitman Wife Bodyguard
  10. The Roads Not Taken
  11. The Faculty
  12. How To Be A Latin Lover
  13. The Prophet
  14. Drunk Parents
  15. Sausage Party
  16. The Velocity Of Gary
  17. The Pirates In An Adventure With Scientists
  18. Sweet Release
  19. Midaq Alley
  20. Americano
  21. House Of Gucci
  22. America A Tribute To Heroes
  23. Home
  24. Breaking Up
  25. In The Time Of The Butterflies
  26. Fair Game
  27. From Dusk Till Dawn
  28. Dogma
  29. La Folie Disneyland Parislanniversaire Des 25 Ans Du Parc
  30. No One Writes To The Colonel
  31. Across The Universe
  32. Wild Wild West Wardrobes Of The West
  33. Get Bruce
  34. Grown Ups 2
  35. The Concert For New York City
  36. Traffic
  37. Beatriz At Dinner
  38. Searching For Debra Winger
  39. Once Upon A Time In Mexico
  40. Here Comes The Boom
  41. Spy Kids 3 D Game Over
  42. Bandidas
  43. Timecode
  44. 11Th Hour
  45. Sellebrity
  46. 54
  47. Like A Boss
  48. Welcome To Hollywood
  49. Eternals
  50. Lonely Hearts
  51. Some Kind Of Beautiful
  52. Assembled The Making Of Eternals
  53. Who The Hell Is Juliette
  54. The Hummingbird Project
  55. Muppets Most Wanted
  56. Wild Wild West
  57. Movie Money Confidential
  58. Fools Rush In
  59. Girl Rising
  60. As Luck Would Have It
  61. Everly

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