Latest Things to Know about Malin Akerman in Say It Ai Not Solo

Top 10 Popular Movies of Malin Akerman are Cottage Country, Friendsgiving, The Fraternity, The Sleepover, Hotel Noir, Couples Retreat, The Skulls, Camp Hollywood, Rampage, and Stolen.

Top 10 Malin Akerman Movies

  1. The Phenomenon The Comic That Changed Comics
  2. Cbgb
  3. Unity
  4. The Invasion
  5. Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle
  6. A Week In Paradise
  7. In This Together A Bell Let Talk Day Special
  8. The Heartbreak Kid
  9. The Utopian Society
  10. The Brothers Solomon

Top 10 Things to Know about Malin Akerman in Say It Ai Not Solo

1. She studied at the Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre in New York City.

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2. Jake Gyllenhaal and Malin Akerman have announced they are pregnant.

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3. However her diagnosis will likely bring greater public awareness to the condition.

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4. She has designed clothing for such high profile brands as Louis Vuitton and Versace.

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5. Akerman is a supporter of the non profit organization Actors Fund.

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6. She later appeared in films such as The Princess Diaries and Con Air.

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7. Born in Sweden in 1978 Malin Akerman is a Swedish actress and model.

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8. The couple met on the set of the movie Nocturnal Animals in 2016.

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9. In 2017 she starred in the documentary film Icarus.

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10. The couple has one child a son named Hugo born in 2012.

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All Others Malin Akerman Movies

  1. Happythankyoumoreplease
  2. A Path Appears
  3. The Aviary
  4. Catch44
  5. Say It Ai Not Solo
  6. A Piece Of My Heart
  7. The Romantics
  8. Slayers
  9. Watchmen
  10. Heavy Petting
  11. The Final Girls
  12. Us Or Them
  13. The Numbers Station
  14. The Farrelly Bros In The French Tradition
  15. Misconduct
  16. Kaylien
  17. Chick Fight
  18. 27 Dresses
  19. The Bang Bang Club
  20. Bye Bye Sally
  21. The Ticket
  22. The Proposal
  23. Rock Of Ages
  24. Elektra Luxx
  25. To The Stars
  26. Ill See You In My Dreams
  27. The Giant Mechanical Man
  28. Wanderlust

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