Latest Things to Know about John Travolta in Liberian Girl

Top 10 Popular Movies of John Travolta are James Bond The First 21 Years, From Paris With Love, Paradise City, American Metal, Paul Williams Still Alive, Boris And Natasha, Close Encounters With Vilmos Zsigmond, Everyday Heroes Real Stories From Real Firefighters, Savages, and Going Clear Scientology And The Prison Of Belief.

Top 10 John Travolta Movies

  1. The Devil Rain
  2. David Blaine Beyond Magic
  3. Domestic Disturbance
  4. Qt8 The First Eight
  5. Quentin Tarantino 20 Years Of Filmmaking
  6. Urban Cowboy
  7. Bolt
  8. Perfect
  9. Forever Hollywood
  10. Grease

Top 10 Things to Know about John Travolta in Liberian Girl

1. John Travolta has starred in many movies over the years


2. Travolta also starred in Saturday Night Fever a movie about a young man who loves to dance


3. John Travolta is an American actor singer and dancer


4. In 1975 he landed his breakout role as Vinnie Barbarino in the sitcom Welcome Back Kotter


5. Travolta started acting at the age of 16 and appeared in several local stage productions


6. He rose to prominence in the 1970s with his roles in movies likeSaturday Night Fever and Grease


7. He has starred in a wide range of genres from musicals to comedies to dramas


8. Travolta is also a certified pilot and has his own aircraft


Bonus Read:

9. No matter what role he takes on Travolta always brings his trademark charisma and charm to the screen


10. He started his career in the 1970s and has appeared in over 60 movies


All Others John Travolta Movies

  1. Swordfish
  2. Stayin Alive A Grammy Salute To The Music Of The Bee Gees
  3. Look Who Talking
  4. Tony Bennett An American Classic
  5. The Princess
  6. Princess Diana Her Life Her Death The Truth
  7. The Grease Story
  8. The Experts
  9. The Taking Of Pelham 1 2 3
  10. Look Who Talking Now
  11. Shout
  12. Welcome To Hollywood
  13. Brando
  14. Lonely Hearts
  15. Saturday Night Fever
  16. Primary Colors
  17. Casting By
  18. Blow Out
  19. Be Cool
  20. Get Shorty
  21. Life On The Line
  22. Urban Cowboy The Rise And Fall Of Gilley
  23. Moment By Moment
  24. Eyes Of An Angel
  25. Trading Paint
  26. Battlefield Earth
  27. I Am Wrath
  28. Gotti
  29. Criminal Activities
  30. Look Who Talking Too
  31. The Tenth Level
  32. Broken Arrow
  33. The Boy In The Plastic Bubble
  34. John Travolta Le Miracule Dhollywood
  35. She So Lovely
  36. Off The Menu The Last Days Of Chasen
  37. Saturday Night Fever The Ultimate Disco Movie
  38. John Travolta Remembers James Cagney
  39. Mr Saturday Night
  40. White Man Burden
  41. We Got No Time
  42. Basic
  43. Our Friend Martin
  44. The General Daughter
  45. Becoming Al Pacino
  46. Nightmare
  47. Carrie
  48. Grease Day Usa
  49. Old Dogs
  50. Basements
  51. And The Oscar Goes To
  52. Lucky Numbers
  53. Hollywood Singing And Dancing A Musical History
  54. The Forger
  55. In A Valley Of Violence
  56. The Thin Red Line
  57. Waking Sleeping Beauty
  58. Phenomenon
  59. Battlefield Earth Evolution And Creation
  60. The Poison Rose
  61. The Grand Knockout Tournament
  62. John Travolta The Inside Story
  63. Two Of A Kind
  64. Michael
  65. Ladder 49
  66. A Love Song For Bobby Long
  67. Face/Off
  68. Pulp Fiction
  69. American Badass A Michael Madsen Retrospective
  70. Studio 54
  71. Chains Of Gold
  72. Staying Alive
  73. Austin Powers In Goldmember
  74. Sylvester Stallone Bio
  75. The Punisher
  76. Liberian Girl
  77. Mad City
  78. Killing Season
  79. A Civil Action
  80. Hairspray
  81. The Fanatic
  82. Wild Hogs
  83. Magnificent Desolation Walking On The Moon
  84. Wwe Talk Live Event Premiere 06 07
  85. Speed Kills

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