Latest Things to Know about Jennifer Connelly in The Heart Of Justice

Top 10 Popular Movies of Jennifer Connelly are He Just Not That Into You, Out There, Requiem For A Dream, Stuck In Love, Far Harbor, Winter Tale, Some Girls, Only The Brave, Hulk, and Higher Learning.

Top 10 Jennifer Connelly Movies

  1. Reservation Road
  2. Inside A Beautiful Mind
  3. Labyrinth
  4. Waking The Dead
  5. A Beautiful Mind
  6. Creation
  7. Beneath The Surface The Making Of Dark Water
  8. Blood Diamond
  9. Killers Kill Dead Men Die
  10. The Dilemma

Top 10 Things to Know about Jennifer Connelly in The Heart Of Justice

1. Jennifer Connelly was born in Syracuse New York on November 13 1966

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2. Jennifer Connelly is an Academy Award nominated actress who has starred in a number of successful films.

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3. In 1993 she starred in the short lived series Beauty and the Beast playing the role of Belle.


4. Jennifer has also released a few albums and written books.

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5. Connelly was born in Hollywood California on October 3 1962.

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6. While at Richland High School she played soccer and track and field.


7. We also provide a look at her personal life and some of the lifestyle choices she has made over the years.

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8. Connelly was born in Syracuse New York on November 12 1969.

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Bonus Read:

9. Jennifer Connelly has announced her retirement from acting.

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10. Her income comes from her acting career television work and her ownership of a restaurant chain.

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All Others Jennifer Connelly Movies

  1. Inkheart
  2. Spider Man Homecoming
  3. American Pastoral
  4. The Best Of Disney 50 Years Of Magic
  5. Top Gun Maverick
  6. Seven Minutes In Heaven
  7. Noah
  8. Wrong Answer
  9. Sergio Leone The Italian Who Invented America
  10. Inventing The Abbotts
  11. Wwe Talk Live Event Premiere 06 07
  12. Phenomena
  13. Salvation Boulevard
  14. The World Of Jim Henson
  15. The Hot Spot
  16. Valley
  17. The Heart Of Justice
  18. The Rocketeer
  19. Rocketeer Excitement In The Air
  20. Dario Argento World Of Horror
  21. Dark City
  22. Mulholland Falls
  23. Pollock
  24. Shelter
  25. Of Love And Shadows
  26. Little Children
  27. Bad Behaviour
  28. Etoile
  29. Virginia
  30. House Of Sand And Fog
  31. 9
  32. Aloft
  33. Once Upon A Time In America
  34. The Day The Earth Stood Still
  35. Dark Water
  36. Career Opportunities
  37. Alita Battle Angel
  38. The Making Of Requiem For A Dream
  39. Inside The Labyrinth

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