Nope movie: Universal Pictures has released a new trailer for the film, pulling back the curtain on the secrets behind it and getting viewers back in theaters to see it again. The two-minute, spoiler-filled footage is a highlight reel of the film’s best moments that original trailers kept purposefully vague.

The trailer reveals a UFO of the most unlikely kind, which is without a doubt what sets this film apart from its predecessors. In the trailer, we can see that the film is as clever and thought-provoking in its second act as it is in its first.

Reminding viewers of the stereotypical flying saucer seen in so many alien invasion films and low-budget horror flicks, it’s not clear what this is or what it’s intentions are. OJ narrowly avoids being eaten by it at the end of a harrowing chase scene.

Nope movie
Nope movie

Nope movie estimates to cross $100 million in domestic ticket sales, and its already crossed the milestone. It has a global market which makes it likely that this film will gross at least $255 million. It stars all-star ensemble actors from previous films such as Get Out star Kaluuya and adding acclaimed actors like Lakeith Palmer, Finn Wolfhard and Davey Havok.

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Some of the skilled actors and actresses involved in this project include Michael Wincott, Barbie Ferreira, Terry Notary, Brandon Perea, Donna Mills, Keith David and Jennifer Lafleur.

It’s not too late to catch this nuanced comedy film if you’re an old school fan or want to see it at the theater. Check out the trailer below, but beware of any spoilers if you’re still trying to go in totally blind.

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Nope movie Spoilers ahead! Read at your own risk

Steven Yeun, playing Ricky “Jupe” Park, notices a shoe during the rampage at Gordy’s house. He later finds it while watching his castmates turn into animals.

In the next scene, a shoe is seen in the locker and later it’ll be revealed to represent Jupe’s hiding a room with items he’s significant about.

Nope movie

Fans have speculated what significance the shoe could represent on social media.

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Some have suggested that the balance of this item was an example of bad luck as Adam (Daniel Kaluuya) discusses later in the film.

Other theories suggest that the shoe was all but fanciful, prompting Jupe to cling to it as kind of substitute “lucky rabbit’s foot”.

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