In time for Independence Day, Disney+ is streaming all 160 minutes of the Broadway phenomenon “Hamilton.” Including a few minor edits and an intermission, it will stream from July 3rd.

'Hamilton' directed and produced by Thomas Kail in 2020
Hamilton directed and produced by Thomas Kail in 2020

This is a filmed performance first performed two nights ago with the actors who were in the original production, and it provides an entertaining cinematic experience. The show has been given special care from the original cast and crew, ensuring that this is as big of a performance as possible on film.

The camera work, editing and direction at the Richard Rogers Theatre bring a closeness that allows you to see the emotions on the performers’ faces.

Thomas Kail, director of the production (who also directed the stage show) used close-ups to relay information. Kail kept this sense of intimacy even when we could see the entire stage and all of its actors.

Behind the castle logo on the Walt Disney World grounds, this movie is rated PG-13, making it loaded with raunchiness in ways that Uncle Walt might not have approved. It’s not just surprisingly explicit with its antics and story, but speculates imagines scandalous events depicted by author Alexander Hamilton that led to his tell-all publication.


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Despite winning a Tony, the Pulitzer Prize and becoming one of the most popular productions on Broadway, Thomas Jefferson sings off-key about the impossibility of being President. Diggs’ portrayal at this show is funny because it seems like that could be how Jefferson felt when John Adams won the White House in 1796, who then became Thomas Jefferson’s enemy .

Currently, music continues to be at the forefront of current events as the recent stories of people of color being delegitimized or left out in boardrooms and other key areas are coming to light.

“The Room Where It Happens” is one of the show’s most popular songs and has a deliberately loaded image of a Black man that comes with it.

“Hamilton” tapped an entirely diverse cast of performers to represent the people from history that they were depicting because one of the major themes in the show is how history is being told and how it reflects in a very complex manner on who’s telling it, who gets to tell it, and who gets represented.


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After months of seeing White voiceover artists being chosen to voice Black characters in movies, talk shows, and TV shows, it’s sure to be brought up again when news of the casting choice is released in the public eye.

Since the release of Hamilton’s soundtrack, people now have a visual context for lyrics that are known by heart. The opening song “Alexander Hamilton” contains a lot of exposition and history by Miranda in a way that is rap-esque.

Capernaum 8
Hamilton directed and produced by Thomas Kail in 2020

The opening, Anthony Ramos’s Odom’s Burr, explores the early years of Hamilton from the perspective of other characters. The show is our first look at Paul Tazewell’s costume design and Howell Binkley’s lighting, and it does so beautifully with cinematographer Declan Quinn and Kail’s superb framing.

We’re introduced to the movie’s main actors, each with a different voice. The opening of the film and other songs, like “Schoolhouse Rock,” would have been too dangerous for kids my age when I was a kid.

Miranda includes a variety of musical styles with each number, so there are a lot of fun and exciting moments. Since all of the words in the musical is sung, you get to discover what combination of rap, r&b, gospel and power ballad he’ll use for each number you watch.

He gives King George III “You’ll Be Back” (a catchy yet terrifying song), as if it represents the difference between old country customs and the rebellious colonists who are trying to change it.

Miranda can create a sense of effective emotion in his songs when he wants to reach certain parts of the audience. Whether it’s in the Schuyler sisters, Angelica (Tony winner Renée Elise Goldsberry) who pines for Hamilton and Eliza (Phillipa Soo), who marries him.


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Kail’s camera really captures the intimacy of these actors, who could not be more caring as they give us their heart on song. The emotions on their faces are truly beautiful, creating an emotion-filled final moment.

We witness Burr’s love for his daughter when he sings a song to her. With Eliza’s mind working, we can see she has thoughts on whether or not she’ll be able to match up with Burr’s ambition and do something more productive with her time.

Angelica’s face is always lit up with happiness, and she radiates love. Older sisterly protection is what she carries with her wherever she goes. Even when performing as an older man, Diggs kept the purple color that is typically associated with Prince at his Paisley Park studios, where he dressed to resemble the late artist in all but name.

Hamilton and Odom are on equal standing as co-leads of the show. Hamilton is in a co-lead with a spectacular Odom. Burr wins the duel against Hamilton, but Miranda is a common MVP.


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In “Hamilton” the depiction of George Washington, who is portrayed by Christopher Jackson, is difficult for audiences to relate with, given how kind he stays to his friends and family.

Jackson’s portrayal of Washington illustrates that he is seen reverentially, but many people are starting to grow apart from his lessons. People are feeling less vulnerable under Trump and the country feels paralyzed by current events and all the information it provides in history class, making it even harder to learn about our past.

So much is happening in front of the camera, which makes a viewer aware that this is a live show. The audience claps after any number, and the wide shots of the set reveal people in the orchestra pit.

The “you are there” feeling also cultivates feelings of spontaneity and unpredictability. To make the watching experience similar to that of a live performance, you can use this film to add a little flicker in your own home.


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Furthermore, the film also forces viewers to consider what could have happened if people of color were allowed to be included in the nation’s founding ideals and laws, which may take a long time for them to even be considered.

In 2016, theater went high-tech to make revolutionary Broadway musical “Hamilton” a hit. It’s entertaining and well-made in many aspects, but these ideas from the play are still very present in our society, how much do we treat them?

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