“Before Elvis,” John Lennon said, “there was nothing.” This showy, frenetic, typically flamboyant film by Baz Luhrmann does a good job at giving you a sense of why he’s considered one the greatest rock stars of all time. When screen actor Austin Butler takes to the stage as Elvis Presley in the dramatic opening scene, you can’t turn away from either your ears or eyes- which is what King would have wanted.

Elvis Presley's Biopic Review
Elvis Presley’s Biopic Review

Elvis Presley knew how to make a woman feel sexy and wanted, so Butler delivers all of that in his voice. Even though he has dolled up like a movie star (yep, has hooded eyes), the sound of his voice can still raise the flames.

However, Luhrmann is also interested in Colonel Tom Parker and Elvis’s manager on suspicions of kicking them up the stairs and making their lives hell.

Elvis Presley the singer’s story is narrated by Hanks, and Hanks is the centre of focus. Parker is seen only as a shadowy figure that looks up at Elvis. And it is his performance that steals the show from Elvis in this film – not amazing enough to watch, yet not un-interesting enough to ignore.

Elvis Presleys Biopic 1
Elvis Presley’s Biopic

Director Baz Luhrmann has spent a lot of time working on his films, which has left other areas in his life unfulfilled. His unique filming style is over-the-top and not suited for Parker’s natural personality.

Elvis fans are likely to walk away from the film with more unanswered questions about the historical figure than before it.

‘Elvis’ spiritual journey’ is the most melodramatic moment in the film. The only stillness before it happen is when he sings on the street in Memphis. There is sensuous shooting of ‘Negroes’ music, a reference to the sexual arousal from that musical mix, and a suggestion of how one mixes with the other.

Elvis Presley is shown to have a loving relationship with his mother Gladys, and later moves on from this life by having to leave home. Gladys and actor Annette Bening do well at portraying the transition of Elvis into an adult who must move on.

But once he has hit his stride, whether touring the South or more problematically the North, he has become the subject of moral complaints between the Whites and Blacks. The film comes to you through Parker’s eyes with Luhrmann as its director.

Priscilla, Lisa Marie, and Elvis’s dad are just a cipher, Parker is a black and white bad figure, and Elvis himself leaves the building (Suspicious Minds) without having his ridiculous appetite for food or continuous weight gain that marked his later years in this movie.

Still, no matter what Luhrmann does with Elvis Presley, his portrayal can’t help but remind us of the times in which he existed. Despite Luhrmann’s makings him a more “digestible” Elvis Presley, this is an Elvis that truly represents the time in which he came into existence–perhaps no more than any other 1960s American icon.


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The post explored the ways at which different times of American history led to different perspectives on sexual liberation. It focused on how economic booms and World War eras can lead to a more open sexual environment, how the tensions around race, gender and sexuality are simultaneously “acceptable” and yet that “something forbidden” is still possible.

When Elvis Parker tries to justify his act of tame by the ever-you-do-accounting, Parker in a TV program with his mother, Elvis says “It was either I play or get cancelled.”

Could Elvis, the pelvis of “the grunter and the groin”, make it to a family TV show on a country’s national airwaves today? How many textbooks in this country, on both sides of the political aisle, would rush to erase him?


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Incredibly, he was not a rebel in the traditional sense of the word. He just was doing his own thing and acting on his own terms as it suited him best. And what made matters worse is that all the girls, flings and several others who found themselves in his orbit with Priscilla all left him, leaving him alone in Memphis . He returns home to her and tells her there would be another chance for them. But sadly, by the time Elvis reached 50 years old, he would already passed away.

Dad died of cancer at 42

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