In The Separation, every important character is struggling to live a good life in the boundaries of the religion.

'A Separation' Movie from 2011
‘A Separation’ Movie from 2011

This leads to disharmony and for the characters in the film Separation, this is because no list of rules can account for human feelings. The film involves its audience in an unusually direct way, because although we can see the logic of everyone’s position, our emotions often disagree.

With its story taking place in an Islamic country and its characters based on the Ayatollahs who rule it, A Separation tells the tale of how strict adherence to principles may frustrate both human happiness as well as the application of principles.


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It is true in all countries under all religions and laws. Laws are attempts to regulate hypothetical situations before they may arise. If laws were replaced by principles, they might have a better fit with human nature.

You are Nader and Simin, a happily married middle-class couple in Tehran. You have a sweet 11-year-old daughter and your father also lives with you.

Termeh, Simin and Nader are in this situation now, where Termeh is moving to Sweden on an arranged marriage, Simin has decided to leave the country with the knowledge that she won’t be able to find a job and only Nader is going to stay for his father.

“But he doesn’t know you!” his wife says. “No, but I know him.” This may seem like an easy situation: one woman wants to keep her marriage and the other woman wants to end it. The truth is often not that simple or easy. Sometimes in a relationship, if someone feels they won’t be valued or recognized as they are, they feel empowered to walk away. Besides individual relationships, we often see this dilemma on a larger scale considering adoption and Alzheimer’s patients suffering from losing their friends and family members


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In contrast, Hodjat is conservative and would never allow Razieh to work in a man’s (Hesam Kazemi) household without his wife present.

In Separation, After Nader returns home one day, he finds his father who is tied to the bed, and Razieh already gone. Razieh has a good reason for leaving, but Nader doesn’t know what it is and neither do we. Not long after she leaves, Nader fires her and she accuses him of pushing her to the floor and causing a miscarriage.

A witness, Merila Zare’i, will testify on behalf of Hodjat at his trial. Her words may be true but they are certain to cause Nader problems.

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‘A Separation’ Movie from 2011

This is what you need to know about the plot of the case. The case ends up in the office of an interrogating judge (Babak Karimi) who hears testimony and evaluates it as fair, open-minded, and truthful as much as possible.

None of the apps can claim to have all the information in its possession, however, it must adhere to religious law. Nader and Simin are moderate Muslims and Razieh is so religious that she questions whether she can change a man’s underpants even if he is sick and very old. What drives her is the family’s desperation poverty.


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Director Asghar Farhadi tells a story that is fair and even. His only goal seems to be to express empathy. While the judge may not be inclined in our favor, we can see why he says what he does and maybe agree with his position. Such a sympathetic film while the world is so unstable proves just how much strength of character director Farhadi has.

Though the ending of the film Separation would seem to imply that Moadi and Hatami committed murder, their characterizations and sincerity gives veracity to their claims. Their love story between each other and wanting the best for their family lead them not to realize they were speaking out of line with what might have been a manslaughter case if they hadn’t. The judge, who is in an odd situation with no one willing to punish these characters, knows this.

When it comes to discourse about Iran and its people, American sensationalist media has often missed the point. When Americans imagine Iranians as tribal desert dwellers fighting nuclear war, we are failing to see an urban society that is unequivocally a copycat of western society.


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In this film Separation, you get a more nuanced view of Iran, and its decent characters are trying to do the right thing.

In this article, it’s difficult to discern what is right and wrong. This is a challenge because the law cannot always determine human emotions. I’d love to see the movie with representatives from American divorce courts and hear their opinions on how they handle situations like these. Sometimes legal decisions are not enough to deal with people’s feelings.

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